Choquequirao Trek

4 days / 3 nights

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Medium / Easy

Culture, History, Fauna, Flora, Trekking & Hiking.   


Cusco, Cachora, Choquequirao

Private bus and Hiking
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From your Hotel in Cusco city

This trip will take us to the archeological site of Choquequirao, which means „cradle of gold“. It's a spectacular hike where we'll descend into the narrow ravine of the Apurimac river and climb up the steep slopes on the other side, in order to reach the fascinating archeological site of  Choquequirao. This hike requires you to face high physical challenges, but will reward you with an unbelievable view into the ravine of the Apurimac river and the surrounding mountain tops, an impressive landscape and the vast construction of the Inca site of  Choquequirao.


LOCATION: The archeological site of Choquequirao is located to the right of the Apurimac river, high on the slopes of the mountain with the same name, next to the snow capped peak of the  Qoriwayrachina, which is part of the Salkantay mountain range. Politically Choquequirao belongs to the district of Santa Teresa,  Provincia de la Convención which is part of the Greater Cusco area. In 2001 the site was chosen by highest decree No. 050 and national decree No. 512 as National Park under the name of  Vilcabamba and Choquequirao. In total the park covers an area of 522.878  hectares and has a circumference of 367.090 meter in length. The archeological site of  Choquequirao alone covers an area of 1.810 hectares with a border length of 20.940 meters.

Day 1: Cusco - Cachora / Playa Rosalina

Day 2: Playa Rosalina / Choquequirao

Day 3: Choquequirao - Chiquisca

Day 4: Chiquisca - Cachora - Cusco

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